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Fathom is a full-service digital marketing agency for transformation-minded marketers looking to punch above their weight. With experience connecting business strategy and strategic marketing solutions, Fathom helps modern marketers navigate change, calibrate increasingly integrated sales and marketing departments, and restructure to better support their businesses. Fathom is headquartered in Cleveland, with offices in Columbus and Chicago.

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Maropost is a great partner and a part of our team. We work closely with them on how to best leverage the platform to exceed our clients needs.


Senior Director, Integrated Strategy at FATHOM

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The Challenge

Customers move fast, so marketers need to move even faster. As Fathom grew—offering more advanced services in their core package—they needed a scalable, cost-controlled platform that could grow with them.

Here were their goals with Maropost:

  • Drive email clicks, opens, and conversions towards increased customer engagement
  • Create and execute a deliverability strategy
  • Reduce manual setup of technical processes
  • Deliver personalized communications to their customers
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The Solution

Working alongside Maropost’s client success team, Fathom created custom automation processes for their campaigns. Maropost’s real-time integration and direct APIs mean that responses are instant—helping Fathom keep up with customer expectations.

When a bug at AOL caused Fathom’s AOL deliverability to drop from 95% to 0%, our Deliverability team worked overnight to resolve the problem.

  • Implementing deliverability best practices and processes
  • Segmenting for specific audiences, streams, and unique user profiles
  • Ensuring proper organization, segmentation, and sanitation of mailing lists
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The Results

Maropost exceeded not only Fathom’s expectations, but also those of Fathom’s clients.

  • 7x lift in click-through rate and 47% lift in open rate
    Using Maropost’s automation features, Fathom could finally target the right users at the right time—with little manual work—resulting in improved and increased click-through and open rates.

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